Dating a banker website

It was consensual, that is, to all but her boyfriend and his wife, who eventually compared notes and created a ruckus.The partner was finally shipped off to another continent.They transferred her husband-to-be to a different trading desk and otherwise put no obstacles in the path of the relationship.A year later, in 1996, both of them were named to the firm’s highest honor: a Goldman Sachs partnership.There are some instances where Goldman itself has governed itself by those rules.

Jacki Zehner and her now-husband Greg were both traders when they started dating and became engaged; Zehner waited until after bonus season to tell her bosses that they would be married.She reported it the next day; later, another female employee made a similar complaint and, a pattern having been established, the banker was fired.Those who don’t own up right away see the Old Testament side of Goldman.Almost every Wall Street investment bank has a policy that employees have to disclose relationships with bosses, subordinates, clients or vendors.Human resources departments like to be informed of employee relationships—in case they go sour and result in professional trouble or litigation- but they are rarely kept in the loop.

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